Benefits Of Taking Garlic Supplements

Benefits Of Taking Garlic Supplements - Full Life Direct
According to research, it has been proven that consuming fresh garlic is the ideal way of obtaining maximum garlic benefits. But for those who don’t like the odor or the taste of fresh garlic – they can consume garlic supplements. Garlic capsules have concentrated garlic powder, powdered extract or essential oil. Garlic has several potential health benefits for men and women. Research shows that garlic may specifically have specific benefits for women. But before you start using natural supplements its best that you consult a doctor. If you aren’t certain how or why to consume garlic supplement, keep reading to find out more about the benefits of taking garlic supplements:

What Does Garlic Do?

For centuries garlic has been a natural treatment for wounds and different health conditions. It contains several compounds like allin and allicin that supports normal blood pressure, cardiovascular function and regulate cholesterol, as well as colon and prostate gland health.

Benefits Of Taking Garlic Supplements

  • Blood Pressure

Garlic has been used for early centuries to relieve blood pressure, and that remedy now has modern research backing the previous claims. A wide range of garlic types and its extract have been examined for their ability to reduce blood pressure, and the outcome is positive. Research which consumed a “popular garlic preparation comprising 1.3% allicin,” found that it helps lower the blood pressure between 5 to 14 hours after doses, though this study used a higher dosage of 2400mg – many supplements have around 500-1000 mg.
  • Lower Cholesterol

Continuing with how garlic helps cardiovascular health, garlic helps in monitoring cholesterol levels. It not only means reducing the levels of low-density lipoprotein, which is the “bad” type of cholesterol – but also boosts higher amounts of high-density lipoprotein, which is the “good” cholesterol.
  • Enhances The Immune System

Garlic has been used throughout history, the bulb and its nutrients give your immune system an extra boost to help fight, any health conditions. According to Indian Pharmacists, garlic helps fight the common cold – these claims have been backed by a study in which around 145 participants over 12 weeks, each was given a garlic supplement comprising allicin or a placebo. They found that the group consuming garlic supplement suffered from colds, and if infected as they recovered on a much quicker pace as compared to the placebo group. Again, the allicin proves to be an advantage for the human body.
  • Garlic An Antioxidant

Another type of cell impairment – oxidative stress is restrained by garlic. Research shows that it has antioxidative properties protect your body on a molecular level. Another strong antioxidant is allicin. One specific research from the Journal of Nutrition mentions that matured garlic extracts have antioxidative effects keep safe counter to “oxidant-mediated brain cell damage”. This could cause big issues like Alzheimer’s disease and strokes. Research says that the mind is especially subtle to oxidative anxiety damage. Thus, those small pieces toil to keep you strident for an extended period.

Wrap It Up

Even after centuries, garlic is still recommended by healers and doctors, scientifically the benefits of garlic have been proven. There is fervor for garlic as a preventive health supplement, both in academia and mainstream media. The countless health benefits of this little bulb prevents numerous health conditions and boost immunity. For example, it protects against cancer and maintain heart health. You don’t like the smell and taste of organic garlic? Then, opt for odorless supplements where you can get all the benefits from.

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