Are Natural Supplements Better Than Synthetic?

Are Natural Supplements Better Than Synthetic? - Full Life Direct
Many people don’t get proper nutrients from the food they intake. According to the current statistics, over half the US population takes synthetic nutrients like dietary supplements. Moreover, there has been quite a talk about whether natural supplements offer benefits same as synthetic benefits. According to research, some sources suggest that synthetic nutrients can be dangerous. This article gives your insight about the science on natural and synthetic nutrients. Read more to find out about "Are Natural Supplements Better Than Synthetic?"

Synthetic Vs. Organic

Synthetic supplements are those that are created in the lab. On the other hand, organic supplements are those that are derived from the real ingredients, so they are known as natural supplements. According to US News and World Report consuming natural supplements is far better than using organic vitamins. But according to ScienceLine at the Santa Barbara, California reports that no matter where the vitamin is coming from, your body will use it for one purpose.

Advantages of Either Vitamin

When you are consuming the supplement in your normal diet, both organic and synthetic supplements are a decent choice. Synthetic vitamins, moreover, are a bit less expensive than the organic kind. Many natural supplements are to be taken throughout the day so that your body meets all the requirements. But once you have found that your body tolerates natural supplements, it’s better to be taken in smaller doses as compared to a single dose.

What Type Of Vitamins Do You Require?

Here is the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins:
  • Synthetic supplements are made from compounds to copy the natural way your body processes the food nutrients
  • Synthetic supplements can cause your body health issues as they can be difficult to absorb.
  • Whole food supplement concentrate and condenses the vegetables and fruits to make supplements that are organic for the body.
  • Whole food vitamins are recognizable and bioavailable to your body.

Why Are Vitamins Necessary?

Vitamins are an integral requirement your body needs, but it can’t produce them. Food is what keeps your body supplied with important nutrients. Hence, nutrition is an essential part of your body’s overall health. Earlier our body used to get all the nutrients from the food we intake, but now our food is becoming less nutritious. Hence the need for multivitamins has increased. Even if you consume organic food and avoid the one with GMOs, your diet has lesser nutrients as compared in the past. What is a GMO? Genetically Modified Organisms can be any plant, animal or organism with abnormally transformed components.

The Issue with Synthetic Vitamins

You are pretty much aware your body needs a steady supply of mineral and vitamins to function correctly. Scientists, food companies and health practitioners agree to it.  Their answer to this is – creating cheap supplements in labs, fortify your beverages and foods with them and fill them with multivitamins. The real problem is your body is not looking for synthetic supplements; it wants natural compounds. Almost every other multivitamin is synthetic.  The same applies to secured food. There is a valid reason for this – synthetic vitamins are less expensive to make and usually are more stable. This means their shelf time can last for months and years. Likewise, they can be added to food in high dosage and create small dense tablets. These are packed with ridiculous amounts of each type of vitamin. These supplements are allowed to call themselves natural as the scientists say they are virtually similar to ones present in our food.  On the other hand, the way these compounds are created is not comparable to the metabolic processes of animals and plants use to make them. Avoid using supplements that have these ending words, -ide, -acid and sometimes –ate. Synthetic supplements are remote or replicated nutrients. There don’t take into reason all the many phytonutrients that are a part of them. These synthetic supplements, according to a mass of research, are:
  • Firstly, not what we have in natural foods.
  • Secondly, not usable or absorbable.
  • Also, not bioavailable as the organic vitamins.
  • Finally, not familiar to our body.

The Most Effective Natural Supplements

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