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Sistema Óseo

Los productos especializados para su salud ósea le ayudan a mantener un sistema óseo saludable. Nuestros productos incluyen vitaminas diarias para hombres y mujeres, Tabletas de Magnesio, cápsulas vegetales DHEA, Vitamina D3 y nuestra reconocida formula Reuma-Art X.

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Bone Support Supplement

As our bodies age, our bones become thinner and less dense and lose calcium and other minerals. Women after menopause are especially at risk for a dangerous decrease in bone mass.

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that support bone growth and inhibit the body’s natural process of bone resorption, which is the release of minerals and the destruction of bone tissue. After age 50, bone resorption outpaces new bone growth, leading to greater risk of osteoporosis, deteriorating joints and thin or brittle bones.

What should I look for in a bone strengthening supplement?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and the primary ingredient in bone.

Vitamin D assists in supporting healthy bone growth, by aiding calcium absorption.

Magnesium aids bone formation by influencing the cells needed for growth and repair.

Vitamin K attracts calcium to the bones and helps decrease risk of low bone density and fractures.

Isoflavones from soy protein help stimulate bone formation and inhibit bone resorption.

Vitamin A influences the cells that build and break down bones.

Vitamin B12. Low levels of vitamin B12 have been linked to a higher risk of osteoporosis in both men and women.

Vitamin C is required for the body to make collagen, which is the foundation for our bones.

Collagen. Our body’s natural production of collagen decreases with age, and taking daily supplements containing collagen can help maintain healthy bones, joints and skin.

Will taking a bone health supplement help relieve joint pain?

Joints, bones and cartilage work together in the body to support mobility. As we age, these elements start to deteriorate. This process can lead to pain, inflammation, loss of mobility, weakness, and increased risk of fractures.

Many of the same vitamins and minerals that support strong and healthy bones will also aid in reducing joint inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

When should I be concerned about bone health?

It’s never too early to start taking care of your bones. Certain nutritional deficiencies, diet and health risks can increase the need for bone support supplements.

Bone health becomes more important with age as our bones become thinner, more brittle and fracture more easily. Older adults are at greater risk of complications from fractures and cannot heal as easily as younger persons.